Yoked Together

So what’s the story with our name?


Lose the l, add an e. Rhymes with JOKE and has nothing to do with eggs. Not that we have anything against eggs. Without them, there would be no mayonnaise. And some very tasty sauces got their start as mayonnaise. We just prefer our eggs as chickens. It’s much easier to marinade and grill them that way. Plus, we’re night people. We don’t serve breakfast.

But back to the name. A Yoke is a wooden beam that holds two animals together to make it easier for them to pull in the same direction. It lightens the burden by balancing the load evenly between them.

Odd name for a restaurant? Maybe. But a good reminder of how much lighter the load is when we lock arms and carry it together.



We believe that good food, prepared with love, and shared with others, has the power to lighten people’s burdens.

So come in. Bring your family and friends. Even the loud ones who hog all the napkins. There’s a place for everybody at our table.

And now that we’re neighbors, we want to do more than feed you. We want to carry our weight. So if there’s something going on in the community, or some way we can be a better neighbor, we hope you’ll tell us. We’re happy to help spread the word or lend a hand.

Shoot us an email at kokomo@yokesocialtable.com. Or connect with us on social media. We’re here for all of it.


Hi! We’re Anthony, Elvin, and Layne.

As owners, each of us brings something different to the Yoke Social Table. A deeply felt love of all things food. Energy and great ideas for days. A gift for bringing out the best in people.

Yoked together and pulling in the same direction, we’ve somehow managed to make a go of this thing. But we couldn’t have done it without a strong team (of people—not oxen) at our side.

So just a quick shout-out to the folks who dice the peppers, smash the burgers, clean the tables, and run extra sauce to hungry guests in the parking lot. We appreciate you. You’re beautiful.

A.E. & L.

I want to be on the team!

Anthony, Elvin and Layne